The Vegas Broke Story

Asking your mom for money is never a pleasant experience, but I had no other choice.

I didn’t want to explain what happened to my money. I was too ashamed.

I had just gone broke in Las Vegas. 

Rock bottom at 21 years old.

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and was floating in that gray area between school and a “real” job.

Maybe I just wasn’t ready to face reality yet.

Maybe I just wanted one last carefree adventure before selling out to adulthood.

Whatever was behind the trip, it had turned out poorly and now I had zero money to my name.

I know plenty of people who have scraped by with next to nothing, like needing to stretch $12 over 2 weeks of food and transportation. I also know people who have had to move back in with their parents, or sleep on friends’ couches after a lost job or failed scheme.

This moment felt different, though, and somehow worse. At least those people had some control over whether or not they had failed. At least they bet on themselves and not on pure chance.

But going broke by giving your money away at the tables? You know it’s called gambling, right?

It seemed the ultimate example of adding insult to injury.

There’s broke… Then there’s #VegasBroke.

That day was a turning point in my life.

I made a commitment right then and there, that I would never allow myself to fall into that position again. I would learn everything there was to learn about money and personal finance to create stability and peace of mind for myself and my future family.

Today, I am a financial controller with an accounting degree, MBA, and experience at international Fortune 500 companies as well as homegrown startups.

I’ve become obsessed with books and blogs on investing and money management, and I’m constantly thinking about money and personal finance.

My goal is to be able to “retire” by age 40. I decided to create a platform that allows me to share the best stuff I’ve found, along with my own perspective.

Another personal finance blog?

Hear me out! There are tons of great people today sharing their amazing financial stories, whether it’s getting out from under 6-figure debt, a family spending less than $30K per year, or retiring at the age of 17 (I kid, sorta).

But among all the great content within the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retiring Early) community, I found far fewer things which scratched my particular itch for fresh perspectives, unusual tricks, and everyday behavioral tips for financial freedom fighters like me.

That’s where this website steps in.

My goal is to provide new insights into familiar concepts in order to create change.

I’m a firm believer in the concept of “it’s not what you know, it’s what you do regularly.” If you have read this far, you probably ALREADY KNOW that you should spend less than you earn, that you should invest, that you should pay off high interest debt, etc.

And yet, if you’re like me, you don’t always follow through on those things the way you should.

Rather than beating you over the head with what you should do, let’s talk about the how and why. 

Let’s look at money from different angles and see if the going gets easier or we find inspiration.

Check out a few of my posts to see what I mean.

Sometimes a small change of perspective makes all the difference.

Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!