Do You Know “The Market”? Can You Beat It?

The highest return for the same risk. Or the lowest risk for the same return. These things are what we all chase.

We are always looking to optimize our risk-to-return ratio. As Tony Robbins would put it, we are searching for asymmetric risk-reward.

“Beating the Market” is a common theme across personal finance books, and implied by money managers everywhere. But what does it mean?

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Best Personal Finance and Investing Books

As we approach a new year, I wanted to share a few of the books which shaped my perspective on money and inspired me to turn my life around after going broke in Las Vegas. Maybe you or someone you know could benefit from a fresh view on money or personal finance, or maybe a refresher for a new start in 2018. Regardless, here I’ve compiled some of my favorites.

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Do You Know Your TRUE Return?

As an accountant, I work with financial statements every day.

I spend a lot of time reviewing P&L’s and balance sheets. And when I signed up for Mint and connected all my accounts, I was pleased (nerdy, I know) to find a sort of “personal balance sheet” which is really the software showing your Net Worth figure.

I didn’t realize until years later that the most important way to track my progress wasn’t as easy to see.

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GRAPH: Why You Should Save More and Forget Investment Returns

One of my favorite feelings in the world is an epiphany. I’m talking about an “aha!” moment, or a “paradigm shift” if you’re into Stephen Covey.

For me, these moments usually involve some small change in perspective, or a slightly different way of explaining something, which drastically changes the way I view the subject.

It’s like discovering some great secret, except the secret has been right in front of you all along. In that sense it’s like buried treasure: you were probably all over it, around it, and above it the whole time. You just needed to dig down and find it.

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